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A premium service for a budget under control, whatever your requirements!


Our efficient methodology and innovative tools are designed to deliver results!


A comprehensive and secure service that includes a guarantee in case of failure.

Choose an exceptional, fast and efficient service

Who says we can't be both quick and easy? Definitely not us! Recrutwin is the #1 online talent acquisition agency for companies. The key to our success is a combination of the best digital tools and the expertise of our online specialist recruitment teams across all sectors and throughout United Kingdom. You can count on us to provide you with the most suitable candidates, in the shortest possible time, with the best service.

Outsource a time-consuming and costly task risk-free

Did you clearly outline your "ideal CV" before writing the job description? Did you use the right distribution channels for your advertisement? Have you carried out quality sourcing? And head-hunting? Are you sure that you called and interviewed the best candidates? Did you take the time to run checks on all of them? …etc. For many companies, searching for the perfect match all too often turns into a complete nightmare. Save precious time, cut out the risk and save yourself from costly recruiting mistakes. Leave it all to Recrutwin.

Insist on quality and innovation at a discounted price

Our method is unquestionably result-oriented! We use digital tools on a daily basis and our innovative approach to recruitment, which combines online marketing and modern recruiting methods, is designed to meet the needs of all our clients. We are continually developing new internal tools that are increasingly efficient to provide you with a premium service that lives up to your expectations, is highly effective, and at a reduced cost on the market.

Trust recruitment professionals to meet your needs

Most companies underestimate how difficult it is to recruit. Nowadays, placing an ad on a standard recruitment platform and waiting for the right candidate to come along just won't get the job done... It's also difficult to know how and where to approach the ideal candidate... You can't become an expert recruiter or head-hunter overnight; everyone has their own special skill set. At Recrutwin, your peace of mind is guaranteed. Each case is handled by a professional recruitment consultant specialising in the client's field of business.

Switch to a performance-driven strategy

Our 360° strategy consists of systematically activating several key procurement mechanisms: multichannel sourcing, direct approach and online headhunting, multichannel distribution of ads and sponsored advertising, socio-demographic targeting via targeted advertising, programmatic recruitment campaigns, etc... You can rely on our extensive expertise in candidate acquisition on search engines and social networks, our in-depth knowledge of the right media to use depending on your needs, and our unique ability to track down your next top employees.

Finally, a real recruitment agency that stands out from the crowd

Long gone are the days of old-fashioned recruitment agencies that charged exorbitant fees and billed you for expensive and often unnecessary trips to your premises in their fancy suits... Nowadays, the real added value of a good recruitment agency is no longer in its image, but in its core business. Offering an incredibly simple digital service, Recrutwin is a 100% online agency that has moved away from superficial aspects to focus on the essentials, to the delight of our clients.

How does Recrutwin work?

I'm a company and I need to recruit...


I complete the online form

All I need to do is complete the online form and an advisor will call me right back.

In a matter of minutes, my advisor makes sure he understands what I need and offers the best deal for me.

It's clear and to the point, I'm sold!


I state clearly exactly what I need

After receiving my offer, my Advisor and I work together to identify the ideal candidate profile to draw up the related job specifications.

Everything is done online, it's quick and easy.


I trust the experts to do their job

My case will be handled by a consultant specialised in digital recruitment.

The consultant will use the most relevant recruitment tools to find the perfect candidate.

All I have to do is wait patiently...


In a few days I’m shown the best profiles

The consultant soon calls me back and talks me through the short-listed candidates.

He/She then arranges for me to meet with the candidates on my premises or remotely.

I can’t wait to meet them!


I choose the best of the best

The candidates I meet are of such high quality that it's a really tough choice... But it's make your mind up time!

I take the plunge and pick my favourite.

Thanks Recrutwin!



Whatever the size and aspirations of your company, we are the right fit for you!

Our services are aimed at all kinds of companies who want to outsource their recruitment process and who want to hire quickly, efficiently and at a reduced cost.

Recrutwin is the #1 online talent acquisition agency on the market to finally offer all companies the high level of service previously available only to those who could afford them.

Our top quality and modern solutions have been designed to suit your budget and meet your needs.



Whatever the type of position you're looking to fill, we take care of everything from A to Z, for both fixed-term contracts and permanent employment. Rest assured, your project is in good hands!

Our recruitment experts have a wide range of specialist skills in all sectors and fields of activity:

Distribution & Trade

Commercial & Sales Force

Human Resources

Industry & Engineering

Purchasing & Supply Chain

Marketing & Communications

Transport & Logistics

Computing & IT

Construction & Civil Engineering

Research & Development

Real Estate

Finance & Accounting

Auditing & Expert Advice



Mass Retail

Energy & Environment

Banking & Insurance

Fashion & Luxury

Health & Medical


Recrutwin, A Key Player in Corporate Recruitment Services in the UK!

No matter where you are, our online service allows us to handle your requirements straight away and with no fuss.

We have clients all over the country, in every region and every city in the United Kingdom.

Recrutwin is very successful throughout United Kingdom and also abroad.

The key benefits of our irresistible offer

Online delivery, no deposit to pay!

Entrust your needs to our experts

A Recrutwin consultant specialised in your field of business is assigned to your case

Our teams carry out a precise and detailed assessment of your recruitment needs

The consultant begins working immediately and completes the assignment in a timely manner

Supercharge your recruitment process

Combined direct approach: multichannel sourcing and online headhunting

Multichannel distribution of ads and sponsored advertising using our ATS software and partner job boards

AI and programmatic recruitment campaigns: socio-demographic targeting and finding candidates through targeted advertising (search engines and metasearch engines, social media, display platforms, etc.)

Automated pre-qualification of candidates and personalised video conferences

Enjoy a comprehensive & infallible solution

Turnkey service with tailored support and no payments in advance

Fixed and transparent flat-rate pricing, no surprises or unexpected extra billing

Success guaranteed or we'll restart your search 100% free of charge

More than one position to fill? Our rates are based on a sliding scale!

Looking for a tailored service? No problem, we can easily adapt to your needs!

Why choose us?

Because we are the perfect alternative to traditional providers in the market…

Recrutwin offers a truly conscientious and effective alternative to existing institutions on the market, with one big difference: with us, you don't pay an inflated price for a traditional recruitment agency, a temporary employment agency, or any other staff placement agency...

The heart of our business and our services focus exclusively on our expertise in the direct approach and online talent acquisition using digital tools.

Each project is invoiced at an affordable fixed rate and we do not charge a salary-based percentage or commission. In other words, we do not intervene or take part in financial matters between you and the candidates.

With Recrutwin, you can take advantage of a high-quality offer while enjoying considerable savings!

Because there is nothing to pay when you order…

There is absolutely nothing to pay (no deposit) to get started on an assignment.

We are only paid after our work is done, based on a fixed and totally clear fee, without any unpleasant surprises or unexpected extra charges.

Here at Recrutwin, we genuinely believe in earning the trust of each and every new client.

Because you're choosing quality for a controlled budget…

Using Recrutwin means entrusting your search to real recruitment specialists while saving yourself considerable time and money.

Just look at the price of specialized ads and access to online CV banks, the fees charged by the various service providers and market players, the costs involved in the necessary tools and expenses linked to advertising... You'll also spend a lot of time searching, filtering, selecting and contacting candidates. Even then, they have to be the right kind of people.​

Look no further, we have the expertise, the time and the right tools to relieve you of this lengthy, time-consuming, and all too often costly process.

Because all our services are guaranteed…

At Recrutwin, we pride ourselves on our client satisfaction and on successfully completing all our assignments.

If you are not satisfied with the result, we promise to repeat the whole process from start to finish and to redo the assignment free of charge, at no extra cost.

Because we were designed with you in mind…

Our services are aimed at any company wanting to outsource its search for candidates and recruit quickly, efficiently and affordably. Our offers are open to Start-ups, Micro Enterprises, SMEs, SMIs, Mid-Market Companies and Key Accounts.

Our recruitment assignments encompass all types of candidates for both fixed-term contracts and permanent positions, whatever your sector of activity.

Because we can handle anything…

We have the capacity to handle your large-scale recruitment requests. Plus, our rates are on a sliding scale for this type of assignment, so make the most of it.

For more information, simply complete our online contact form, an advisor will call you back shortly to collect your requirements.

Want to speak with a professional?

Our experts are here to listen.

Our teams are made up of experts in digital sourcing & recruitment, totalling 10 to 15 years of experience in recruitment offices, specialized recruitment agencies and head-hunting consultancies. We will make sure we understand your needs, whatever your sector of activity and the positions you're looking to fill:

Distribution & Trade

B2B & B2C Sales

Human Resources

Executive Management

Industry & Engineering

Purchasing & Supply Chain

Marketing & Communications

Transport & Logistics

Computing & IT

Construction & Civil Engineering

Research & Development

Real Estate

Finance & Accounting

Audit & Expert Advice

Mass Retail

Energy & Environment

Banking & Insurance

After-Sales Service & Support

Sales Administration




Fashion & Luxury...

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Hiring Assistance for Businesses

Simple, Fast, Efficient!

1st online talent acquisition agency in the UK

Online sourcing & head-hunting specialist in all sectors of activity

Experienced consultant 100% dedicated to your search

Comprehensive & secure solution to keep your budget under control

Record time to find the ideal candidate

Immediate response to your requirements

Interested in our rates?

An advisor will call you back!

Free & without obligation

Form for companies only