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1st Online Talent Acquisition Firm in USA

Recrutwin, a startup specializing in support for corporate recruitment.

We have always been passionate about digital technologies and we have extensive experience in the field of recruitment for firms.​

We wanted to respond to the issues that companies face when they use a recruitment service provider, while also offering exclusive solutions based on rapid and efficient online service. Therefore, it was natural for us to decide to create a 100% digital firm, and so, Recrutwin was born!​

Today, our agency is proud to support thousands of companies, from small and mid-sized companies to large corporations, as well as thousands of job candidates, both domestic and international, with a single objective: client satisfaction.

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Our team of direct online recruitment specialists will help you find the ideal candidate

We use internal tools that are continually optimized and are performance and result oriented, as well as our unique method of targeting profiles via digital marketing to find the right candidate for your needs within a week!​

In close collaboration with the market's leading partners, we work with more than 1000 specialized ad websites and job boards, 2500 schools and associations, social networks and search engines. We also have access to a resume database of more than 10 million qualified profiles.

Technological innovation is the heart of our business

Recrutwin also means the massive use of web technologies for your recruiting needs

Online assessment and expertise

Whatever the position you are looking to fill, we conduct a detailed assessment of your recruitment needs with the aim of advising you on the best candidate acquisition strategy for your company.

Semantic search and analysis

We use the filters and keywords most relevant to your search in order to optimize our direct approach and headhunting activities on search engines and social networks.

Socio-demographic targeting and HR Big Data

We use the power of digital marketing and data collected via our partner audiences to target the best candidates according to socio-demographic criteria (current job, geographical location, technical skills, level of experience, etc.).

AI and programmatic recruitment

With the help of our artificial intelligence tools, we conduct targeted and optimized advertising campaigns on search engines (Google and Bing), metasearch engines (Indeed, Adzuna, Neuvoo, etc.), social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and display networks (YouTube, Gmail, etc.).

Multicasting and sponsorship of ads

We use the best recruitment software on the market (ATS). Your job ads are automatically multicast and sponsored on our partner and specialized job boards.

Data matching and comprehensive web checks

We conduct background checks on candidates and employer references using our in-house profile security technology.

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Our teams are experts in digital sourcing and talent acquisition, boasting 10 to 15 years of experience in talent acquisition firms, specialized recruitment agencies and headhunting firms. We’ll take the time to understand your needs, for whatever business sector or job description you’re seeking:

Distribution & Trade

B2B & B2C Sales

Human Resources

Executive Management

Manufacturing & Engineering

Purchasing & Supply Chain

Marketing & Communications

Transportation & Logistics

IT & Digital Technology

Construction & Public Works

Research & Development

Real Estate

Finance & Accounting

Audit & Appraisals


Large-Scale Distribution

Energy & Environment

Banking & Insurance

Customer Service & Maintenance

Sales Administration

Imports & Exports



Fashion & Luxury...

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